Gentofte Stars U13

Start of training - follow up

5. maj 2020, 21.04

Dear All,

in these exciting and twisted times we cross our fingers to start with workouts soon again. We still are not sure, whether the sportspark opens on monday 11.05., nobody is able to answer this question, since the decision will be made after the upcoming press conference of the government.  But if it does open, we jump right on it. We will practice on mondays from 18:05 till 19:05 and on wednesdays from 17:00 till 18:00 both days on the blue field hockey pitch, which is right above the roller hockey hall. We hope to have the first practice on monday 11.05. We will be divided into 4 groups, every group will practice separately in each corner of the pitch. Everybody has to have his or her own water bottle, it is absolutely forbidden to drink from somebody else's bottle!!! You will not be allowed to enter practice without a filled water bottle. Bring your own floorball stick and your own floorball ball, sign your ball and the stick. When you come to the practice, try not to come in large groups, maximum group can be up to 10 players. When you come to the pitch, you will be sent straight to your group. Don't mess around with the ball, put it in your pocket or hold it in your hand, don't play with it with the stick.  On monday we expect you to come between 18.00-18:05, since the pitch is occupied till 18:00. Come dressed for a practice, there will be NO dressing rooms or showers available. We can be only outside until specified otherwise, so be ready that we practice even in reasonably bad weather. 

I will come with an update in case anything new happens.

If you need to clarify anything, write me on or call me on +420 603 551 870.

Thank you and we will see you on monday 11.05. at 18:00

Best Regards