Gentofte Stars U13

Parent meeting postponed

23. april 2020, 00.48

Dear All,

DIU plans to change organization of Danish youth ice hockey from odd years to even. It means, that, if agreed, from the new season we will have categories U8, U10, U12, U14, U16 and so on. The decision is to be made in the second half of May. Which means, that our parent meeting is more or less useless, since we don't know, which team we will coach and what players will be on our team. We are postponing the meeting till wednesday 10.6. in case the situation will stay without change, in case the new system is introduced, we will come with an update. 

Next week we will be briefed about the possibility to start practices again. The most possible date is monday 11.05. There still might be some restrictions due to the pandemic, but we will work on a system that would finally get us going again. 

Till then everybody stay safe and healthy, we look forward to seeing all of you again.